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Deco Earring Kit
BeadStyle Cover Deco Earrings Seen in
Sept. 2011


These beautiful Art Deco inspired earrings incorporate simple geometric shapes of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in an ingenious design. Crystal styles merge together creating a ring of color within color allowing you to create a wide range of intriguing color options. With the post cleverly fit inside the crystal ring, these lightweight earrings cover elongated ear holes and provide good earlobe support with the large post backs.

1 pair nickel-free 4mm cup post with large backs, Alacarte Clasps
1 tray grid (for holding earrings level while gluing).
2 6mm Art. 6301 Top drilled bicone Pendant (center of ring)
2 20mm Art. 6460 Column Pendant
2 12.5mm Art. 5139 Ring Bead
2 17704 P18 (.021x1.5) Crystal Headpin

TOOLS & GLUE NEEDED: Wire cutter, Chain-nose pliers or one chain-nose and one round nose pliers • round nose pliers • 2-Part all purpose clear drying epoxy

Deco Earrings

Deco Earring Kit $25

Select any 2 and save $5.
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Metal Finish

6301 Top Drilled (center of ring)

5139 Ring (outside ring)

6460 Column (dangle)


ABOVE: Palace Green Opal 6301. Olivine 5139,
Crystal Stain 6460

Click image to enlarge
Pick your crystal colors below

Art. 6301 Top Drilled
(center of ring)

Art. 5139 Ring
(outside ring)

Art. 6460 Column

  Amethyst Amethyst   Amethyst Amethyst
  Aquamarine Aquamarine   Aquamarine Aquamarine
  Crystal Crystal   Crystal Crystal
  Crystal Aurore Boreale Crystal AB   Crystal Aurore Boreale Crystal AB
  Crystal Golden Shadow Crystal Golden Shadow   Crystal Bronze Shade Crystal Bronze Shade
  Crystal Matellic Light Gold Crystal Metallic Light Gold   Crystal Copper Crystal Copper
  Cyclamen Opal Cyclamen Opal   Crystal Golden Shadow Crystal Golden Shadow
  Jet Jet   Crystal Red Magma Crystal Red Magma
  Jonquil Jonquil   Crystal Silver Night Crystal Silver Night
  Khaki Crystal Khaki   Crystal Silver Shade Crystal Silver Shade
  Lt Rose Lt Rose   Jet Jet
  Padparadscha Padparadscha   Crystal Silver Night Lt Smoked Topaz
  Palace Green Opal Palace Green Opal   Olivine Olivine
  Peridot Peridot   Violet Violet
  Rose Rose      
  Sand Opal Sand Opal      
  Siam Siam      
Tanzanite Tanzanite      
Topaz Topaz      
Violet Violet      
Crystal Crystal
Crystal Aurore Boreale Crystal AB
Crystal Copper
Crystal Copper
Crystal Golden Shadow Crystal Golden Shadow
Crystal Satin Crystal Satin

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